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With regards to designs, images, animation, videos, maps, frames, banners, the software and its different codes, source and object appearing on this Web which are the property of companies and entities collaborating with Aspro Parks, these are all subject to the present conditions and protection, unless express, written consent is given by the said companies and entities. Aspro Parks will take care to avoid any pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist, or slanderous contents, or any conducive to violence and that adapt to the current legislation, appearing on this Web, and will furthermore endeavour to prevent the introduction of abnormal or illicit material by the Internet community, and avoid other circumstances which may clearly be against the users’ interests.

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Aspro Parks guarantees that the companies it collaborates with have declared to Aspro Parks that their activities are licit, truthful and that they are duly constituted companies and entities; however, it assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the products sold or for the services offered by these companies or the contents of their websites, nor for the exact and due compliance with these services or contracts. Aspro Parks can neither control nor be held responsible for the compliance of collaborating companies to their legal obligations and liabilities.

The above Legal Warning is to be governed in each and every one of its clauses by Spanish law.