Social Action

Fundacion Aspro Natura is fully committed to society, and this commitment has led to the development of civic activities focused on providing support and assistance to underprivileged groups.

Leisure and educational activities for individuals with special needs

Fundacion Aspro Natura, committed to social responsibility and equality of opportunities for all, fosters and provides support and resources to visits of individuals with physical and psychological disabilities to Aspro Parks’ parks. These groups are assisted by the Foundation’s staff, always proud to organize fun and leisure activities for the aforementioned individuals and their families.

Activities for social integration

Fundacion Aspro Natura organizes visits of socially underprivileged individuals / groups to Aspro Parks’ parks, including senior citizens, immigrants and financially challenged families.

Dreamnight Parties held at Aspro Parks’ Parks

An initiative shared by many zoos and aquariums worldwide, the “Dreamnight at the Zoo” party is held annually on the first Friday of June. This event is an open-door day designed exclusively for chronically ill and disabled children, their parents and siblings. During the Dreamnight at Aspro Parks’ parks, children and their families enjoy the opportunity to get closer to animals and to tour the park guided by Foundation staff and volunteers. In addition, they also participate in many other activities specifically designed for them. For further information, please visit the webpage

Aqualand Costa Adeje’s Dolphin Therapy Programme

The goal sought with the Dolphin Therapy program is to conduct research on the use of dolphins as a therapeutic support tool for health and special education professionals. The programme is offered as a further option to contribute to the social integration and improvement of the quality of life of the disabled.

Social integration programme for youth at Marineland Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Fundacion Aspro Natura has entered into collaboration agreements with the Balearic Islands Government’s General Department of Minors and the Council of Mallorca’s Institute of Social Services. Both agreements make reference to the provision of services to the community and enable minor / young offenders to provide community services at the Foundation and thus pay off their debt to society. During their time at the park, minors join technical teams to carry out a range of tasks involving animal care and / or maintenance jobs under the uninterrupted supervision of the Foundation’s staff.

The programme’s goals are to teach youth / minors to become responsible for their own actions, to provide them with experiences to help them modify their behaviours and build sound conflict resolution skills.