Fundacion Aspro Natura plays an important educational role raising awareness of the fact that humanity depends on and is part of Nature, and that our future welfare and survival depends on our capacity to protect the biodiversity.

Aspro Parks’ Parks Environmental Education Departments

Aspro Parks’ parks have been developing a wide range of educational activities for the public and schools for over 20 years. The chief goal of this programme, which involves biology, ecology and conservation-related issues, is to raise public awareness of the issue of conservation of species and their ecosystems.

Thousands of students visit the Foundation’s Nature classrooms every year.

For further information, please visit the webpage of our centres that provide educational activities:


Courses for professionals

The Foundation organizes training courses for professionals involved in environment-related fields. Regular recycling conferences are run in cooperation with marine-related groups, including diving schools, police, sailing schools, environmental agents and fishermen’s guilds.

Training for university students

The Foundation has signed several collaboration agreements with public and private institutions to enable university and vocational training students access to on-site job experience and training activities at Aspro Parks’ parks. The goal sought with this scheme is to teach future professionals all the skills required for conservation tasks. Programme participants join task forces under the supervision of the Foundation’s biologists and veterinarians.

The Foundation has signed agreements with the following institutions:

  • Fundacion Universitaria de Las Palmas a university foundation which provides internship training activities to university students of Veterinary and Sea Sciences (2001 to date).
  • Gran Canaria Occupational Seafarming Workshop run by the Island Council of Gran Canaria (Department of Labour and Local Development / Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries) and subsidized by the Canary Islands’ Employment Service with ESF (European Social Fund) funds. Palmitos Park has been collaborating with this service since 1997, providing practical onsite training to students.
  • Faculty of Sea Sciences – course subject “Construction and Maintenance of Aquariums”, annual visit of course students.
  • Department of Education – Canary Islands Government: agreement entered into with Promoción Educativa in 2006 within the framework of the LA ESCUELA VIAJA (SCHOOLS ON THE MOVE) scheme, created to foster and support inter-island student travel and exchanges.
  • CEU Kolding (Denmark). Since 2005, the CEU has been providing practical onsite training to Veterinary Assistant / Animal Keeper course students within the framework of the Leonardo Scholarships.
  • Clusius College (Alkmaar, The Netherlands). Clusius College, an agriculture vocational training school, has been providing practical onsite training to Animal Keeper course students since 2005.
  • Sabyhom (Denmark). This school has been providing practical onsite training to Animal Keeper and Horticulture course students since 2005.
  • Council of Calviá (Mallorca). Practical onsite training activities provided to university and vocational training students at the Sea Turtle Recovery Centre since 1996.
  • Balearic Islands University. Providing practical training activities to Biology students since 1996.
  • Alfonso X El Sabio University (Madrid). Providing practical training activities to Veterinary students since 2005.
  • University of Vigo. Providing practical training activities to Sea Sciences’ students since 2005.
  • Edutel Centro de Formacion (Barcelona). This training centre provides practical training activities for Technical Veterinary Assistant course students