Corporate Events

Aspro Parks’ parks and aquariums offer unique spaces for hosting events, meetings, conventions, dinners, conferences, training days, team building events etc. Each event will be different and memorable, an experience in itself. Additionally, many of the parks are located in major tourist and business convention destinations.

Why are Aspro Parks’ centres the perfect places to celebrate your event?

– Unique locations and well-connected internationally. 
– Spectacular surroudings 
– Proven leisure experiences
– Differentiation: creating unique moments
– Competitive quotes

The park’s or aquarium’s leisure offer can also be part of the event programme.
Can you imagine having dinner on L’Aquàrium de Barcelona’s terrace, enjoying fantastic views of the harbour and the city? And how about observing  sharks from an underwater platform in its Oceanarium?

If you are interested in organizing an event at one of our facilities, contact us through the contact form.