About us

Wildlife Conservation

Committed to supporting the protection of biodiversity through Aspro Parks’ park activities, the Foundation develops both in-situ and ex-situ conservation programmes involving wildlife species. In addition, the Foundation also participates in European Endangered Species captive breeding programmes and runs a marine wildlife recovery centre in the Balearic Islands.

Environmental Education

The Foundation, with the purpose of raising public awareness of the importance of respecting the environment and biodiversity, runs public and school educational activities at Aspro Parks’ zoological parks. In addition, the Foundation also organizes training and recycling courses for university students and professionals.


With the purpose of contributing to the development of research activities, Aspro Parks’ zoological parks operate as platforms for implementation and development of scientific projects. The Foundation collaborates regularly with universities and other research centres contributing with sample data and information.

Social Action

To ensure solidarity and equality of opportunities for all, the Foundation runs a comprehensive programme of educational and leisure activities for individuals with special needs. Aspro Parks’ parks collaborate in guidance, support and labour integration programmes for youth facing social challenges, and is one of the leading Spanish centres offering dolphin therapy to foster integration and improved quality of life among those with special needs.