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Aspro Parks is one of the largest European operator of leisure parks and centres: 60 parks and centres in Spain, UK, France, Finland, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Founded in October 1991, Aspro Parks has since enjoyed strong and ongoing growth, reaching it’s position of leadership in the leisure industry. In 2015, the Group employed an average of 2,000 staff, and over 5,000 during the high season.

Aspro Parks encompasses the broadest spectrum of the leisure market, covering six segments of the sector:

Water Parks
Amusement parks / Other
Zoos / Botanicals / Dolphinariums

The Group also prepares and implements a full programme of activities for the common benefit. Through the Aspro Natura Foundation, it carries out educational activities as well as breeding, conservation, research and wildlife recovery and reintroduction projects.

Aspro Parks is focused on the ongoing improvement of their parks, keeping current premises in pristine condition and always updating its offers with new contents and attractions.

The policy followed strictly by the Group since its foundation is the sustained growth in activity, providing its parks with new facilities and modern attractions as well as the acquisition of new centers. By doing so, the Group achieves dynamic growth and maintains a balance between seasonal products and leisure offers which are open all year round.

To sum up, Aspro Parks is a young, dynamic, experienced and highly competitive and profitable group in constant development and fully committed to becoming a world leader in the sector.

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